What do I know.

I took it upon myself to register for both a warm power yoga and spin class for my Y's spring session this morning. The yoga class is a little over an hour on Mondays, with the 45 minute spin class on Wednesdays. Will it help me to continue to get my butt in gear and build endurance? Yes. Although I have no idea what to expect in either - I've never taken a spin class. But, will I probably wonder what the hell I was thinking once they get started? Definitely. It seems like a good idea now, but I already anticipate getting my butt kicked. That doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to them though.. for now!

It's funny how gung-ho I am about booking a vacation until it actually comes time to hand over the cash - or in this case almost our entire tax refund. J & I have been talking about taking a first anniversary/honeymoon round 2 trip for an all-inclusive to Punta Cana for a week - mostly because we were so economical with our honeymoon last year (OBX) and we feel like we can treat ourselves using our tax refund money. But now that it's actually time to set the plans in stone, the logical, frugal part of my brain (it's the dominant part, what can I say?) runs through scenarios varying from maybe we should set this money aside for emergencies/a house downpayment/general savings to debating whether we should use the lump sum for several things instead of one big ticket item. It's so annoying.

Why can't I just let go once in a while?

In other (not-so-much) dilemmas, I have been dying to make this
Spinach and feta hummus. Yum. How delicious does that look? I mean, that can be considered an acceptable dinner, right?

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