Oh, the weather outside is weather.

It's so easy this week to forget it's February when you step outside. Until Tuesday. A wintry mix, seriously? No wonder everyone's allergies are going nuts right now. But regardless, it definitely makes me ready for spring to be here!

I read a lot of blogs online (thanks, GoogleReader).. and I do mean a lot. It's mainly a hodgepodge ranging from ridiculous time wasters (hello, Lamebook) to decor & design (Young House Love is my absolute favorite) - however, most of them are cooking/baking/healthy eating blogs. These have not only opened my mind to different recipes and exercise, but also kinds of food I've never heard of before, but intrigued me. Like this morning's breakfast.
Meet Larabars. I heard about these through nearly every foodie blog I follow daily - basically it's a 100% natural bar made from only two to nine ingredients, mainly a combination of fruit/figs and nuts. Figs and nuts? A handful of ingredients? How the frig does that create an amazing taste of peanut butter & chocolate? It totally doesn't sound right - figs + nuts =/= cookie, but oh, believe me when I say it tasted that way. My tummy (& taste buds) are happy and I am in love.

And there is a Trader Joe's 30 feet from my office. This could be bad news. Actually it's been bad news for a while now anyway.

Good news is that today is Friday (!!!!) and this is one of the first weekends since we've been married that J & I have absolutely no set plans.. and it feels glorious. I've thought about bringing up the fact that we have been talking about painting an accent wall in our apartment for over a month now, but haven't actually done anything about it. So, maybe we can make that happen.

One thing I know for sure - I'm definitely going to make these happen this weekend. At least.

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  1. yes, it is nice outside, but I'm shocked you have no plans!