Today is a combination of all things not nice.

I hate the rain, but especially loathe it in the fall. Wet + cold + leaves = a day to avoid life, grab some peppermint hot chocolate and stay in bed under the covers watching movies. Or just sleeping, I could handle that.

It's definitely not a day to be stuck in an office staring at Microsoft Word for nine hours with soaked pant legs, a mental reminder to buy rainboots (yet again) and frizzy hair that you shouldn't have even bothered to style. Well, in all honesty my rainy day "hairstyle" consists of pulling my bangs back with bobby pins. Quite the fashionista, I know.

The only good thing that could possibly come out of this craptastic day is a trip to Panera. I need some hearty sandwich & soup in my life.

And these - ever since I saw the recipe this morning I've been dying to get home & make them.

Anything that is a pseudo-dessert & needs ingredients I already have in my kitchen (plus chocolate) sounds amazing in my novice's baker brain.


New start, new blog.

I've been fighting the urge lately to start a public blog (yes, I still currently write in my private Livejournal a la high school). I blame my GoogleReader and the rapidly increasing subscriptions to all of the amazing & talented writers I've come across.

The problem has been just racking my brain to figure out what about since I'm a) probably the least interesting person you'll ever meet and b) don't necessarily have a passion for one particular thing. It depends on the day.

Anywho, when it came down to it I figured now is as good of a time to start as any considering the state of transition I'm in. With a new marriage, living away from my parents and wholehearted attempt to become domestic, that may cause potential for an interesting blog, no?

Regardless, I'm starting this today & here it is. Let's hope I can keep this updated.. or in other words, find things to discuss on a (near) daily basis.

Well, here we go.